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Spanish is a Romance Language also called Castilian was founded from Latin. About four hundred million people speak Spanish all over the world. It is one of the official languages of United States of America and the third most spoken language after Chinese and English based on the number of speakers. Spanish is closely related to Asturian, Galician, Ladino, Leonese, and Portuguese. Spanish and Portuguese have similar grammar and Arabic influence.  Spanish and Italian have similar phonological system.

Globalization has made the world in to one office, making communication across languages a day-to-day need. You may have to learn to speak Spanish for job, school, travel and other purposes. On the other hand, you may want to expand your general language skills by learning how to speak Spanish. If you are thinking, how to learn Spanish, then you can learn it in classrooms or online. All the colleges and universities have Spanish language courses that they offer in classrooms and online.

There also private local and national institutions, which offer courses on how to learn Spanish.
The most convenient option, cost and time wise, to learn Spanish language would be to learn Spanish online or to use one of those downloadable courses on how to learn Spanish. There are many companies online that offer courses on how to learn Spanish real time, downloadable and as packages. Most of these courses also provide accredited certifications. There are many online Spanish learning courses that are free, providing you the basic knowledge of Spanish to get by as visitor.

BBC, RocketLanguages, are some of the free Spanish learning sites online. They offer free grammar, vocabulary, verb and pronunciation lesson, some offer courses in culture too. Some of these sites also have free CD- ROMs on the course. They also have information for formal language schools and certifications., Streetwise Spanish and World Wide Learn are online Spanish language courses available real-time, downloadable and in CD-ROMS for a fee. These courses offer virtual tutor, forum, and community, and accredited certifications.

There are general forums and communities for learning and sharing Spanish language and culture information like Insta Spanish, Notes from Spain, About, Free Spanish Forum, Learn New Languages Forum, etc. These are communities of Spanish learners and native speakers to share opinions and discussions on topics relating to the Spanish language and culture. They are useful for practicing Spanish and to find great resources. You can post questions and get answers in these communities.


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