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La Serena School

A Nice Place for you to Learn Spanish

Highly personalized Spanish courses, this is our tradition. Intensive and with many hours of one-to-one contact, this is the right way to get the best return for your time, effort and money.
You will have two, three or even four different teachers.
One of them will monitor daily your progress and make any change in speed, method or teaching materials to adapt them to your personnality and to the way you learn Spanish.

Here, technology is only a complement of this warm human relation between student and teachers that is going to make of your Spanish course a unique and enriching experience.

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Features of La Serena School


Each class includes:
one 90 minute one-to-one lesson
one 60 minute lab session

Total: 2 1/2 hours

Ecah class costs Ch$ 24.000 about $36 USD or 28 Euro

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La Serena School
Contact:  Luc Bramaud du Boucheron. Manager



Address:  Prat 560, La Serena; IV región (de Coquimbo) Chile
Tel: +56-51-21-14-87
Fax: +56-51-21-14-87

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