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The Building: The school is a 2 floor building surrounded by many tropical plants, with 12 classrooms and a patio where students meet between classes.

The Location: The school is located in the older part of Cancun. Everything is within walking distance, such as buses, restaurants, super market, banks, etc. etc.

You will get a total immersion in the culture, society and customs of Mexico. The system of small groups, maximum 6 students per class , and the special class dynamic will help you to learn to speak and understand Spanish in a short time.

The schedule consists of 3 hours devoted mostly to grammar, followed by another 2 hour class in a different format involving conversation and vocabulary-building through dialog, discussions of culture and customs, games, songs, videos, and other exercises, including, perhaps, a literature class for advanced students.

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You can also learn Spanish in Playa del Carmen which is located about 40 miles (60 km) south of Cancun. Playa, as it is now affectionately known, is the perfect base from which to explore the fasci-nating sites along the newly named, Mayan Riviera.



Registration $100 / yearly

10 hrs Spanish lessons per week

$150 / weekly

15 hrs Spanish lessons per week $189 / weekly
20 hrs Spanish lessons per week $220/week


Shared room $10/day - no meals
Two bedroom with air  conditioning (available only in Cancun) $35/day with breakfast

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Fax and Voice mail in the U.S. 1 (610) 643-1782


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