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Studying a language in its native context is the most effective way to learn a language well. In fact, when learning a language in a country or region where it's spoken on a day-to-day basis, you're able to disprove the old adage 'more haste, less speed' as you've fast-tracked yourself to learning that particular language.

For instance, learning Spanish in Spain or Latin America allows you to immerse yourself in Spanish vocabulary whilst at the same time living the language. Through cultural immersion as well as linguistic immersion you're able to come to terms with cultural nuances that are absolutely unfathomable in the classroom! As cultural practises and linguistic expression are inextricably intertwined, you're given the advantage with your studies as you're able to understand how the language works in a broader application. Live and breathe the Spanish language and you'll soon find out that there is much, much more to this wonderful language than just verb conjugations and test exam papers. Spanish isn't just a language, it's a way of life, a lived expression of feeling, culture and history - and one that must be experienced in a native context to fully comprehend and appreciate.

Learn Spanish in Spain, learn French in France, or learn German in Germany - it all boils down to the same end result. A student who chooses to immerse themselves and their studies in a native context will be miles ahead of those who opt to remain in their home countries. Just like choosing to learn English New York and understanding the way that the city works, you have to 'talk the talk' to 'walk the walk.' Imagine learning Russian in London or Paris - you'd never get to understand the essentials like the variations of terminology for snow or words like birch tree, bear, and bathhouse. Instead, study French in Paris, study Spanish in Buenos Aires, or pick up those essential phrases in Moscow. Make the grade with your language studies, no matter the language. Immerse yourself in the language and culture with a study abroad program and come to understand the difference.


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