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Are you looking for a really first-rate intensive Spanish program that gets maximum results in a very short time? Do you need to express yourself in Spanish and can´t face the prospect of wading through grammar texts for another two or three years? If the answer to these questions is ? Yes?, then the CENTRO DE IDIOMAS DEL SURESTE Intensive Spanish Program is the one to consider.
Our teaching approach is called ?total immersion? and there is no surer way to learn a language. You will be talking from the start. Students are encouraged to stay with local families, located and supervised by the CIS, so that academic input is reinforced by practical usage 24 hours a day. Course work is carefully structured and designed to assure rapid improvement through the most effective teaching techniques. Classes are five hours per day five days a week and are loaded with up-to date information concerning life in the Yucatan as well as general cultural knowledge about the Spanish-speaking world. At the request of the student, the extra study or tutorial options may focus specifically on medical, legal or business vocabulary.  Read students Quotes....

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One week   $  385 USD   5 hours/day - Mon-Fri
Two weeks      660 USD
Three weeks   875 USD
Four weeks   1,040 USD



Homestay with meals $145 USD /week

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Centro de Idiomas del Sureste

Contact: José L. López Espinosa, MA. Coordinator

Adress: Calle 14 # 106 x 25 colonia
Mexico, por Calle 52 # 455 x 49 y 51 Centro (downtown) 97000 Merida, México.
Tels:  +52 (999) 923 0954 - (999) 923 0083

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