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Cuernavaca, Morelos; Mexico

Homestay and Spanish Lessons

With an excellent program in Cuernavaca CICU teaches Spanish to Foreigners from all over the globe.

Their program is open all year round (except holidays.) CICU offers programs for teenagers, professionals and children.

Discounts available for families and for groups of 4 or more people.  Read students quotes....

Spring break - Learning Vacation...

Learn Spanish in Cuernavaca, Mexico. Immerse yourself in the heart of Mexico, learn Spanish, Mexican culture and improve your Spanish by living with a host family.

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CICU Homestay and Spanish Lessons Cuernavaca Spanish School

Features of CICU



Registration $75 / yearly

Intensive Spanish

$185 / weekly (6 hrs./day)

$125 (3 hrs./day)

Teens Program $190 / wekly (6 hrs./day)


Luxury EA Private $30 - Companion $28
EB Private $28 - Companion $25 - Children $20


FC Private $25  - Companion $22 - Children $20

Shared $22 - Children $20

FR Private room/shared bath $ 15/day
Hotels in front of school from $28 to $50 USD
Private/bath room only from $10 walking distance

Contact Info

CICU Homestay and Spanish Lessons



Address: Rayón 8-C Suite 5; Col. Centro, Cuernavaca, Morelos. México 62000

Voice mail and fax within

the U.S.  1 (309) 412-1796



School Info

Cuernavaca Language School

If you want to speak Spanish correctly and fluently in a surprisingly short period of time, study with us. Explore this exciting and unique program of the CLS (Cuernavaca Language School). We are in Cuernavaca, Mexico, “The City of Eternal Spring.”

Spanish classes begin every Monday throughout the year.
Total immersion at all levels.
Five students per group maximum.
Cultural sessions included in program.
Weekend field trips to recreational and historical sites.
Mexican host families accommodations.
We offer a solid education in Spanish, fun, and much more!

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Contact Info

Cuernavaca Language School



Address: Azálea # 3, Jardines de Reforma, Cuernavaca, Morelos 62269, México.

Tel: +52 (777) 3118956

Fax: +52 (777) 3175151

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