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Miguel Angel Asturias Spanish School provides intensive one-on-one Spanish instruction. In addition, we sponsor half and full-time social volunteer programs for our students in education, health care, agriculture, rural planning, journalism, and more. A Medical Spanish program is also available for medical students who wish specialized vocabulary and clinical experience. Other extras include cultural activities, trips, speakers, and optional general or technical conversation practice.

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Enrollment   € 25 Euros
Intensive 40 hrs. € 235 Euros / 2 weeks
Semi-Intensive 20 hrs. € 140 Euros / 2 weeks
Super-Intensive 60 hrs. € 620 Euros / 2 weeks



  Full board  Half board
Private  € 195 / week  € 150 / week
Shared  € 185 / week  € 140 / week


Private € 90 / week € 14
Double € 80 / week € 12

Contact Info

U.S. Representative: Adam Liberman


Address:  8a Calle 16-23, Zona 1; Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

Tel & Fax: (502) 765-3707


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