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Founded in 1980, the Delta Language School offers Spanish courses to students and adults from all walks of life who want to learn Spanish in Spain. Located in beautiful Santander, Spain, capital of the Cantabria region, Delta Language School is a fully accredited institution that is known for providing a blend of high level and practical language instruction in a friendly and supportive environment.

Individualized learning

At the Delta Language School we design our Spanish courses to meet your individual linguistic objectives. Whether you are a student interested in furthering your language studies, a professional desiring to learn Spanish for career related reasons, or an adult learner who simply wants to learn Spanish in Spain for fun….Delta Language School can accommodate your needs.

A stimulating atmosphere

Believing that language is culture, and culture is language, we offer a diverse program of social and cultural activities designed to introduce you to the daily life and customs of Spain. Our ultimate goal at the Delta Language School is to provide a friendly, relaxed, and stimulating atmosphere… “a home away from home”, so that learning Spanish in Santander will be an enjoyable and memorable experience!

Spanish Courses

Spanish language courses at the Delta Language School are offered in Santander throughout the year and range from beginner to advanced levels. In addition to our twenty hour per week General Spanish Course, we offer a wide range of programs designed to meet the individual needs of our students. To accommodate the busy schedules of our students, Delta Language School provide flexible scheduling so that you may begin your course anytime throughout the year.

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Features of Delta Language School



Registration fee: 98 €
Tuition / Cost per week

Standard Course (20 hours) 135 €
Extra-Cultural Course (25 hours) 180 €
Intensive Course (30 hours) 236 €
Spanish for Special Subjects (30 hours) 238 €
Course for Mature People (20 hours) 141 €
Exams Preparation DELE (25 hours): 180 €
Private Classes: 24 € per hour
For more information about Prices of our Spanish
courses in Santander please contact us at


Cost per week

Host family, single room, half board: 168 €
Host family, single room, full board: 189 €
Host family, shared room, half board: 126 €
Host family, shared room, full board: 147 €
Apartment, standard, (15/6 to 15/9): 315 €
Apartment, standard, (15/9 to 15/6): 189 €
Apartment, luxury, (15/9 to 15/6): 420 €
Apartment, luxury, (15/6 to 15/9): 630 €
Host family, shared room, full board, (1/7 to 31/8): 189 €
Host family, shared room, half board,(1/7 to 31/8): 168 €
Host family, single room, half board,(1/7 to 31/8): 189 €
Host family single room, full board,(1/7 to 31/8): 210 €

Contact Info

Delta Language School
Contact:  Carmen Cubera



Street address: C/ Juan de Herrera nΊ 19
39002 Santander; Cantabria. Spain
Tel: (0034) 942 036 886

Fax: (0034) 942 039 412



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