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Tierras Mayas is located in a modern colonial building which offers one of the best panoramic view of the city, only 4 blocks away from the historic center.

Founded in 2006, Tierras Mayas is among the top selection of language schools in Mexico. We believe that the key to learn Spanish is to create an atmosphere in which the students feel comfortable and are able to express themselves. Each of our teachers has a passion for teaching and the experience necessary to deliver a comfortable, high quality class to each student.

We offer a small family atmosphere in which you can enjoy the company of other students and teachers. We hold group lunches every Friday.

At Tierras Mayas you will find opportunities to come in contact with and immerse yourself in the indigenous cultures of Mexico.

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Tierras Mayas Spanish Language School and Instituto de Lenguas "Jovel"

Features of Tierras Mayas School



Group 15 hrs $99 USD/week
On-on-one 15 hrs $150 USD/week


One week +  
3 meals a day $150 USD/week

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Tierras Mayas Spanish School

Contact: Romeo Méndez Ruiz. Director and owner

Hermanos Domínguez # 25-A
San Cristóbal de las Casas; Chiapas 29 220. México
Tel: (+52)967 674 67 20




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At Instituto Jovel, we have been teaching Spanish to students from all over the world since 1993. We pride ourselves on our friendly and relaxed study atmosphere, and do our best to make your time with us as fun as it is profitable. All of our teachers are specially trained second language teachers, all Mexicans, but they all also speak fluent English, necessary sometimes to explain some concepts.
Our aim at Instituto Jovel is to make your stay with us as successful and pleasant as possible. That means: High quality language classes, providing Mexican families where you feel comfortable and giving you any assistance you need regarding travel, leisure, and other personal needs.
We rely on you, the students, to give us feedback, whether you are happy with your teachers, your family, or whatever else you need. You may change any arrangements until you feel that this is the language learning experience you want for yourself. So, please talk to us.
We offer one-on-one Spanish instruction and group instruction. Our Spanish classes are set up to accommodate individual learning styles, personal interests and preferences. All of our teachers are specially trained second language teachers, all Mexicans, but they all also speak fluent English, necessary sometimes to explain some concepts. Some of our students would like to learn ´survival Spanish´ for their travels, other would like to study the language in all its complexities, others need their Spanish as bilingual teachers, physicians or other professions. We don't use one particular textbook for all students, but a variety of textbooks, exercises, books and other learning materials. All these materials are available to students to study outside of their class time and to make copies to study at home. We don't have a set policy for homework, students do as much as their wish, in agreement with their teachers.

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Features of Instituto Jovel


Academics and Lodging

Registration fee US $55


Group( max. 5)

Regular (15hrs/ week) US$ 120

Intensive (20hrs/week) US$ 160

Super intensive (30hrs/ week) US$ 240


Lessons per hour: US$ 8.00 for group & US$ 13.00 for individual

Home stay with breakfast
Private US$ 15/day (105/week)

Shared US$12/day (84/week)
With "comida" add $5 and cena add $3

* Middle class hotel : US$ 20-35 per night
* Two room apartment : US$ 350-500 per month approximately

Note: There is a 10% discount for students

taking classes for 5 weeks or more.

Contact Info


Contact: Reginaldo Gómez Trujillo

Address: Francisco I. Madero 45; San Cristóbal de Las Casas; Chiapas. México 29200

Telephone/Fax: 0052 967 67 84069


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