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Liz Hardwick-Smith

New Zealand

"One of my most enjoyable experiences while travelling in Mexico was my time at Instituto Jovel. The teachers are wonderful and make learning there fun and easy. After studying there for 2 weeks I felt much more confident about travelling Mexico and Cuba alone. I also made friendships with staff and other students from all over the world which I'm sure will be with me forever. AND I loved San Cristobal so much that I returned and studied some more at the end of my travels!"

Rebecca Bronheim



"When I came to the Instituto Jovel, I had already studied Spanish in school for several years but I still didn't feel confident about speaking. With the help of the excellent teachers at the school, I soon found myself able to speak, read, and write Spanish better than I realized possible. The teachers are patient and supportive and the environment at the school is conducive to learning. I liked the school so much that after traveling around Mexico, I realized that I wanted to come back to the school to learn more."



Cecilia Figenschow, Denmark

"I have been taking Spanish lessons on and off for the last 2 years,but I did not feel very comfortable speaking it - but after to weeks of intensive classes in "Jovel" I find my self understanding and SPEAKING much more - it is a fantastic feeling when that happens - I will recommend it for all students (young and older) to take some time to learn the language - it makes your stay so much more fantastic and beautiful."



Kim Wolfenden, Australia

"We thought the school was great. well organised and well run. we had great teachers and thoroughly enjoyed our 4 weeks in san cristobal. 3 hours of lessons a day was enough in case people were wondering if the 5 hours offered in the guatamalan schools was better. 3 in definitely enough. definitely recommend it to anyone interesting in studying spanish and living in a great town."