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Playa del Carmen Spanish School

Our school in Playa is located just six blocks from the white sand beaches, is designed specifically for our programs in the typical Caribbean style.

This open architecture creates a relaxed and inviting atmosphere that encourages intensive learning. Due to the area’s year-round temperate climate, classes take place under thatched roof learning areas surrounded by tropical gardens.

In addition to our excellent programs, beautiful setting and professional staff, our school offers a library stocked with books on grammar, the Mayan culture, religion
and travel in Mexico, and many other publications.

The open aired and air conditioned conference rooms are ideal for guitar and salsa classes, and our weekly gatherings. Our school also has a cafeteria, volleyball court and garden areas for students to relax during breaks or after a day of classes.

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Registration $80 / yearly

Adults Group Program

$150 / weekly (4 hrs./day)

Teens Group Program $450/week (all inclusive)
Children Program $159/week


Homestay $175/week Private


Member of FIYTO ALTO WYSE ASESEO, MEXICO SÍ AND CANACO. Students received credits by  Brookhaven College. Affiliated to D.E.L.E. (The official diploma of Spanish as a Second Language).


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Fax and Voice mail in the U.S. 1 (610) 643-1782



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