Features of Cusco Spanish School


year founded
type of school language center
maximum number of native students/week (outside summertime) 10
maximum number of foreign students/week (summertime) 20
number of permanent/free-lance teachers 5 / 2
maximum number of students / average group size 4 / 2
average age of students 25
bilingual staff, program director yes, yes
percentage of students between 17-20 years-old 30%
percentage of college students 30%
percentage of students from USA 30%
class duration 55 minutes by 5 min break
top two reasons students select us friendly atmosphere, personalized teaching
number of classrooms 6
free use of e-mail yes, 1 computer
fax service no
computer-based training no
cafe/restaurant service on the premises no / coffe, te, te of herbs free
location urban location
quiet urban location school is located in the heart of the city
Host Family  
meals per day with homestay 2
maximum number of students assigned per family 2
private bedroom yes
private bathroom no
shared bedroom yes, only if coming with a companion
walking distance from school 20 minutes
hot shower yes
special preferences taken into account re: smoking, restricted diets, children, distance to school, etc. yes
flexible arrival/departure dates yes
host families -  families with teens/children yes
special accommodations for teens yes
family change without surcharge if not satisfied yes
Spanish program/Related activities  
year round offerings of group classes / private classes yes / yes
combined group and private instruction yes, upon request
special programs for middle school, high school and college groups yes
child care and baby care workshops no
executive option (super intensive) yes
weekend classes yes, upon request
minimum / standard / maximum number of hours per day 2 / 4 / 8
special camp for children no
Spanish for professional purposes yes
study counseling service yes
cultural activity program / cost yes / some of them included on cost
academic credit available no


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