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Name - Email Quote  “This is my first time in Mexico. I had a great time in Morelia. I highly recommend Centro Cultural de Lenguas to anyone who wants to learn Spanish. I had no knowledge of Spanish before I started my classes. After two weeks of intensive lessons in Morelia, I have learnt so much. The teachers are fantastic. I also enjoyed my stay with my host family. I will definitely come back in the near future for more lessons.”  Dr. Benjamin Wei, Australia.  “I had a very good experience with CCL. This is a great way to spend an educational vacation. I would definitely like to do this again in the near future.”  Carol Prantner, Canada 

“Me gustó mucho las clases de español en CCL. Mi maestro me ayudó mucho con la gramática y los verbos. También, él me ayudó acostumbrarme a la cultura mexicana y con la ciudad de Morelia. Estas clases les recomiendo.”  Mary Tiedeman, USA

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