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Sebastian Ehrhardt


24th of August, 2007

Dear management and employees of the Colegio Delibes,

With this letter, I would like to express my gratitude towards you. To be a student of the Colegio Delibes is not just a learning experience but also a great pleasure because of its people.

I highly valued the professional teaching offered by the Colegio Delibes and the composition of extracurricular activities such as excursions and outings.

However, what impressed me the most was the readiness of the staff, of both administration and teachers, to attend to the students' problems and questions and to solve those problems in an instant. Personally, I have never experienced a service of such quality with any other business I dealt with. Not only does your personnel work to the best convenience of the students but also addresses their personal needs and knows the students by name.

Thank you kindly for a wonderful time and learning experience!

Olaf Ambachtsheer


I would like to thank the teachers Isabel and marta for their very professional and funny clases. I really enjoyed them and even learned some verbos.....

Thanks to colegio delibes for all and hope to visit your school soon again.



I have been going to colegio Delibes, in Salamanca, for four years now and have always enjoyed the excellent and welcoming attitude of everyone in the school; teachers, secretaries and the other members of staff make you feel at home. Classes are well organised, and the teaching I have received has made me more confident in Spanish, and I have of course improved my level over the years. Salamanca is a fantastic city with a beautiful architecture and a lot of history. Castilla y Leon, is a beautiful part of Spain, which I hope to visit again. Colegio Delibes find good host families for their students and also student flats for those who wish not to stay with families.

My name is Robert, I am 40, and you may contact me if you need more information for a future stay in Salamanca.

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