Students Quotes - Intercultura Costa Rica

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Gerald Scholefield
Superintendent of Schools (ret.)
"I retired after 30 years in education in Canada: as a teacher, school principal, and superintendent responsible for several schools. From this perspective I was most impressed with Intercultura when I studied Spanish there recently. The school is
very well organized and run. The teachers of Spanish are knowledgeable, skillful, enthusiastic and caring. The classes are small and the students dedicated to learning. Moreover, the school "climate" is happy, warm, and supportive. Staff and students obviously enjoy working together as an educational family. Classes are comprised of students of diverse nationalities, cultures, and ages - a factor which enriches the overall educational experience. Combined with my positive homestay I would characterize my time as a student at Intercultura as a joy and I would rate the school and its services as outstanding."


Marie-Claude Perrault (2003)
Management Consultant
''Intercultura provided me with an incredible and life changing experience. I was impressed with the quality of the teaching and the friendliness of the teachers. Everybody at Intercultura wants you to have a great time and an enriching experience and they go out of their way to ensure it. You will meet students from all over and feel you are travelling the world while being in Costa Rica. The family stay provides a great opportunity to get to know Costa Rican culture.